Sacred Oath Songtext
von Sacred Oath

Sacred Oath Songtext

Where you gonna go?
Where you gonna hide?
Where you gonna run to?
Where you want to die?
Call your God
Call your demons
Call your mama
Whomever you believe in

Don t give up
Put up a fight
Don t back down
Use all your might
I ll tear your heart
Burn your brain
An innocent thought
Becomes insane

You ve been dying since the day you were born
It s an oath I know you ve been sworn
I m fighting for your soul
One of us will get it when you lose control

Now you re dead
In your grave
And your soul
Couldn t be saved
Called your God
Called your demons
Called your Father
Whom you believed in

A Sacred Oath
Is what you ve taken
A Sacred Oath
Is what you re breaking

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