How It Should Feel Songtext
von Ruby Red

How It Should Feel Songtext

Seems like when I try to go
You reel me right back and try to bring me down a hole
Ooo I′ve never known self control
Look to the mirror and I see us both
Wish it was clear to me that which would make it so
I can realize what I've always known
I′d give anything for it
Do it all just to feel
I'd give anything for it
Do it all just to feel
How I think I should feel
(Ooo how it should feel)
Back home on spruce the leaves would fall just to get kicked up
I stick to my roots no wonder why I keep on tripping up
Let's make a truce I′m over it one of us give it up

Cuz when push it comes to shove
I don′t want to give to much
I drive you crazy
Don't you just hate me
Grandma Mercedes
Memory hazy too
Wrapped up in day dreams
Who′s gonna wake me
Stuck on my front and back side
Disappear in the daylight my oh my
Baby I don't want it all
I just want some time alone
Sippin′ on sweet lullaby wine
All the time

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