Yes Mr. Peters Songtext
von Roy Drusky

Yes Mr. Peters Songtext

Hello (hello dear will the same place be alright)
Yes indeed Mr. Peters I can work late tonight
(Dear is she near can she hear what you say)
You're right Mr. Peters and I'm leavin' right away.

(Are you sure she's not listenin' on the other line)
No of course not Mr. Peters you can call me anytime
(What if she knows just where you go each time you get my call)
Don't worry Mr. Peters 'cause my wife don't mind at all.

(Please hurry up dear 'cause I'm so in love with you)
I know exactly how you feel cause I feel the same way too.

(Tell me dear how much longer must we live this lie)
I don't know Mr. Peters but I should be there by nine
(Well, don't be late I can't wait to be with you once more)
Don't worry Mr Peters I'm just headin' for the door.

Well yes, Mr. Peters I'm just headin' for the door...

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