The Messiah Will Come Again Songtext
von Roy Buchanan

The Messiah Will Come Again Songtext

Just a smile, just a glance
The prince of darkness
He just walked past
There′s been a lot of evil
There've been a lot of sayin′
But this time I'm gonna tell it my way

There was a town
There's this strange, little town, they called ′The World′
It's a lovely, lovely little town
′Til one day a stranger appeared
And their hearts rejoiced
And the sad little town was happy again

But there were some that doubted
They disbelieved, so they mocked him
And the stranger, he went away
Now the sad little town that was sad yesterday
Is a lot sadder today

I walked in a lot of places that I've never should have been
But I know that the Messiah, He will come again

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