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True to the Blues: The Johnny Winter Story (Compilation)

  1. Bad Luck and Trouble
  2. Mean Town Blues
  3. Mike Bloomfield's Introduction of Johnny Winter (von Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield)
  4. It's My Own Fault (Live at the Fillmore East)
  5. I'm Yours and I'm Hers
  6. Mean Mistreater
  7. Dallas Deutsche Übersetzung von Johnny Winter - Dallas
  8. Be Careful With a Fool
  9. Leland Mississippi Blues (Live at Woodstock)
  10. Memory Pain
  11. Highway 61 Revisited
  12. Miss Ann
  13. Hustled Down in Texas
  14. Black Cat Bone (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)
  15. Johnny B. Goode (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)
  1. Eyesight to the Blind (Live at Atlanta Pop)
  2. Johnny Winter's's Intro (Live at Atlanta Pop)
  3. Prodigal Son (Live at Atlanta Pop)
  4. Mean Mistreater (Live at Atlanta Pop)
  5. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo
  6. Guess I'll Go Away
  7. On the Limb
  8. It's My Own Fault (Live)
  9. Jumpin' Jack Flash (live)
  10. Good Morning Little School Girl (Live at the Fillmore East)
  1. Still Alive and Well
  2. Rock Me Baby
  3. Rock & Roll
  4. Rollin' 'Cross the Country
  5. Hurtin' So Bad
  6. Bad Luck Situation
  7. Self Destructive Blues
  8. Sweet Papa John
  9. Rock & Roll People
  10. Harlem Shuffle (Live) (von Johnny Winter feat. Edgar Winter)
  11. Bony Moronie (Live)
  12. Roll With Me (Live)
  13. Tired of Tryin'
  14. TV Mama
  15. Walkin' Thru the Park
  16. I Done Got Over It (Live) (von Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter & James Cotton)
  1. One Step at a Time
  2. Honest I Do
  3. Nickel Blues
  4. Talk Is Cheap
  5. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  6. Bon Ton Roulet
  7. Don't Take Advantage of Me
  8. Master Mechanic
  9. Mojo Boogie
  10. Stranger Blues (Live)
  11. Illustrated Man
  12. Hard Way
  13. Highway 61 Revisited (Live at the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration)
  14. Maybellene (von Johnny Winter feat. Vince Gill)
  15. Dust My Broom (von Johnny Winter feat. Derek Trucks)


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