Be Mine Songtext
von Ro James

Be Mine Songtext

It's like I saw you from a distance, baby, hmm
Like I travel through space and time
I go to any lengths to tap into your solar plex
Explore the facets of your mind, yeah
It's like the heavens and the Earth conspired to
Join our two souls together as one
So no matter, how deep or how far you go, baby
Since you'll always be mine, yeah

Stuck up on you, like a tattoo, forever
I love you like the endless ride
Asked the universe for true love
And God sent you, baby
You couldn't get away if you try

Sweet sticky thing
I got a sweet gold tooth, ha
You're my ultimate sugar high (high, high)
If it's me you miss
I'm around if you need your fix
'Cause I know I'll make the pussy cry

Baby, when I go
Already know what it is
Just be where I need you to be, yeah, uh, baby
'Cause you're so damn fine
Just be on time
Ooh, you'll always be mine

I'll love you long time and you know this (ooh)
Your body's all mine, you're my focus (ooh)
I'll never stop ticking like a Rolex (ooh)
You talking that shit, it's like you're next (ooh)
You're somebody I could really grow with (ooh)
Have a couple babies, build a home with (ooh)
You'll always be mine and you know this (ooh)
'Cause you's a church girl that kick it with the homies (homies)

I love you (said I love you)
Love you, love you (I love you)
Yes I do (yes I do)
I love you (I love you)
I love you (ah, said I love you baby)
I love you (I love you)
I love you (ooh)
Yes I do (yes I do)
I love you (ooh)

I love you (love you, love you, love you, love you, baby)
I love you (I love you, love you, love you, love you)
I love you, yes I do (yes I do)
I love you (I love you, love you, love you, love you)

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