Stoking Up the Fires of Hell Songtext
von Quartz

Stoking Up the Fires of Hell Songtext

I see the clouds before me
Are falling from the sky
The sun is getting dimmer
In the atmosphere up high
My presence of mind is shifting
Like sand upon a dune

My sundial's lost it's moon
Everything is getting dark
I cannot see my hands
Shadows all around me
Make this a fearful land
I see a storm is brewing
As lightning fills the sky
Now I see before me
The devil tells no lies

Stoking up the fires of hell
Yes I'm burning
Stoking up the fires of hell
The chapters keep on turning

Rock of ages
Starts to crumble to the ground
Cities fall into the sea
Destruction all around

The world will now disintegrate
The Devil takes his toll
With his powers of evil
His journey carries on
With his new born children
The thunder will reign
With destruction all around
The Devil saves his face

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