Mainline Riders Songtext
von Quartz

Mainline Riders Songtext

Open up your veins
I want into your blood let me in
The visions of the night
Reveal the truth of light we begin
Reality's the dream of things
You've never seen pulls you in
The guilty things you fear
Have the means to reappear all the sin

Mainline riders oh buy it starting to fly

Give freedom to my brain
To allow my astral plain to exist
The universal souls
Of ages yet untold don't resist
I need some help this time
To reach the other side let me in
Though i start to drift away
There's a price that you must pay don't give in

Mainline riders oh but your getting too high

Eagles learn't to fly
Buy now were up as high you can win
Though the elders hold the key
To return through centuries let them in

Mainline riders oh but your getting too high

Oh gonna get you up even higher
Scream in the night you called a liar
Touch at the sky like a flier, i'm a...
A Mainline rider, i'm a mainline rider
I'm a mainline rider...

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