Nemesis Songtext
von Pyramaze

Nemesis Songtext

Wasting my days, I'm wasting my nights
Wasting seems all I can do
Come on inside, step into my world
A wasteland of thoughts about you

Life is so strange and uncertain
Quite devoid of common sense
Always ready to challenge me

If I could stop the rain from falling down
Keep the clocks from turning round, my Aphrodite
I'd dive into your precious heart
Push it for a brand new start
I'd be the almighty

I swear on my name that she once was mine
The strength upon which I'm building
A mythical place to fill the dream
My whole life's contigent on hunting

The impossible scenery
We can live and breathe as one
Regardless of Nemesis

But in the dead of night
She comes like a wind
And her wrath might just burn my skin
As I recall her name:
The daughter of Oceanus
Her retribution begins
But I'm still longing

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