Robinson Songtext
von Porch Swing

Robinson Songtext

Maybe it's not as simple as
lines drawn straight
Life is more crooked and
uneven shaped
It's breaking my back
to carry these things
All these promises
I can't keep

But would I keep them anyway?
When all these thoughts, they just keep dragging me down
Into basements where I can be
And I know
that I should let it go
But I
I see you in everything
And I'm just
tired of losing sleep
over this
And I just
want you to come back

Although I never played
songs that you liked
You still sat there
and smiled
All you had left
was that bed and broken bones
And ever since you left,
I've missed the smell of smoke

Well I guess
that's the truth
You're dead
You're gone
and nothing
will ever
bring you back
And the worst
of it all
Is that I see
you in everything
I see you in everything
I see you in everything

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