Frailty Songtext
von Polaris

Frailty Songtext

I know I said I'm not worth saving, I know you tried before
I always knew you'd grow to hate the parts of me I hated more
Just cut me up, stitch me back together
Rearrange the pieces, build me up to tear me down

You looked at me like a stranger
You look at me like a stranger
You look at me like a long lost son

Oh dearest mother, you gave me my name
I asked for nothing, you asked for me to change
With imperfection we're already stained
And when it's all over, we'll never be the same

I feel their hands around my neck
Contorting, moulding all the thoughts in my head
I'm not a man you can mend
But rest assured, you'll see me break before I bend
What does it matter in the end?
Build me up to tear me down

You look at me like a stranger
I'm only trying to be someone

Oh holy father, I'm calling your name
I don't deserve this, you don't deserve me to change
This self-indulgence, this sick selfish game
Serves a constant reminder, we'll never be the same

Oh fallen brother, you swore that you'd stay
I guess it's over, I guess that's the price we pay
And in the darkness, I still hear you say
"If we ever survive this, we'll never be the same"
We'll never be the same

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