Devil Woman Songtext
von Poison

Devil Woman Songtext

She′ll slide you in you taste the sin
She slowly gets inside your head
You feel her take control and she'll steal you soul
She′s the devil lying in you bed
She's the lord of your things and it's no surprise
You′re playing with loaded gun
She′s a killer queen and she'll lick you clean
Then she′ll spit you out when she's done

Devil woman evil woman
She′ll make you believe
L. a. woman she's my woman
Brings out the devil in me
She got blood red lips and head trips
Leave a poor boy beggin for more
When you get that itch ain′t love a bitch
Now you need her just a little more
She's a soul taker a ball breaker
And boy she's gonna break you
She′s gonna steal your heart steal your money
Laugh at you when she′s through
Chorus (2)
Well the way she'll do you
Things you ain′t never seen
She can tear right through you
You can never leave

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