City Boy Songtext
von Phil Ochs

City Boy Songtext

I′m just a city boy
Born and bred
Am d
It's a city life I′ve led
G em
My pasture was a street
C cm
I've never climbed a tree
G d
But that's all right with me
G d
′Cause I′m a city boy

I'm just a city boy
Born and raised
From these rooftops I have gazed
Where the grass was made of steel
I′ve never plowed a field
Until the pavement starts to peel
I'll be a city boy

I′m just a city boy
Born and grown
That's all I′ve ever known
Where the lights would greet the dawn
There's a factory for a farm
Sure the city has it's charm
When you′re a city boy /pre>

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