A Run of Luck Songtext
von Peter Hammill

A Run of Luck Songtext

This circuit′s broken,
The juice is drained,
The body weak and the head is bowed.
I suspect
What stays unspoken
Will prove to be a truer word
Than any we shout out loud,
Chests puffed up proud.
Oh, life's so cheap that there′s no doubt
You'll be in too deep when your luck runs out,
When you run aground, when you're done.

Pay the debts,
Play the position,
Just don′t pretend
That you′ve not known all of this before.
Misplaced bets,
Distressed conditions combine.
When time runs out
We know we can't ask for any more.
This much is sure:
That life′s still great though the wick's burned up.

You can only wait till your luck turns up.
Still you′re spun around
Until you're done.

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