Golden Train (dub) Songtext
von Penguin Prison

Golden Train (dub) Songtext

Just like a star that cant be seen, from the city at night
You cant build a wall this high or steep these mountains have climbed
Cause these arent old and never will be
So keep going on replacing each
Until the longest shores retreat, and oceans will find
It happens all time, in all design, it cant be traced
Showing walls, this ever only words
Escape golden train, moving through the plains
Never seem to came, its just getting harder
People living strange, and never alone
A land forgot of time
As soon as the coast returns to sleep, theres nothing alive
Cause you make a frozen mazes deep, I know you can hide
A treasure to keep and never be said, to for

Until the world is sunken beneath, follow you blind and never leave sight
A new recruit to end the war like soldiers theyre sending all
The cavalry is making sure no one can stop the coolest train
Youll never be lonely, moving through the plains
Never, never seen to came, its just getting harder, harder
We can be mistake never be alone
No one can stop the coolest train
Never lonely, with every
Just getting harder, harder, harder, but never alone

Its just keep getting harder, harder, harder, but never alone, alone

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