The Days Songtext
von Patrick Wolf

The Days Songtext

The days
Passing days
I see the steeple
And trace to the spire
And the sun set
Deep in regret
Phoenix in final fire
And the time stops
Rush hour traffic slows
And my heart starts
Beating this dark
Through old flesh and cold bones
And I long to be carried on
Just once to be lifted strong
Out of the loneliness
And the emptiness
Of the days
Passing days

I remember I had your love once
Seized my body whole
And in our first dance
I thought by chance
God had matched my soul
But time brought its travelling
This distance and solitude
And in that travelling
My self damaging
I took my love far, far from you
But don't you
Still long to be carried on
Once more I could lift you strong
Out of the loneliness
And the emptiness
Of the days
Passing days
Passing days
Tell me
Have we gone too far?
Or did we get too close?
You've no father
I've no son
But when we come ghost
I promise I will meet you
I will meet you
At the end of the days
The days
Passing days
Won't you meet me at the end of the days?

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