Let's Have a Drink Songtext
von Pascale Picard

Let's Have a Drink Songtext

Let′s have a drink
At least find a place to sit
How I enjoy these times
My mind locked on your lips
I'm still listening
I′m just a little out of it
Who's that man?
Why did he turn the neon on?

99 messages on your voice-mail
No call-back
My heart nailed to your locked door but
Still no news
Ok, so you're gone
Leave my womb... figured it all out...
Can′t take my eyes off that phone
Remove this ghost behind my back

I saw your girlfriend a few days ago
Pieces of you in my arms
Her salty tears running down my cheek
A taste of guilt left on my lips
My whole body would have all given up
For that touch
But what I kept secret
There′s just no need to regret

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