Sidney Songtext
von Palisades

Sidney Songtext

And it's been long enough
and still I have to bite my tongue
and the days and the weeks and the months pass by
I can't get you off my mind
I'll keep this inside

but that's okay

and I say
I want you to be my girl
want you to be my world
even if it means that
I can't have you by my side
just want you in my life

I've been waiting by the minute
every precious little second
try to wrap my head around that I'll never get it
contemplating if it's the right time to let you know
you're stuck in my thoughts so let's make a deal
I'll keep my lips locked if you promise it's real
and if he treats you right
then I'm fine

I'm waiting for you
(speechless, I wanted to call out your name,
I stopped in fear that things would change)
I swear if you knew
then I know it wouldn't be the same
I'm waiting for you
(speechless but I'm alright, alright)
I swear if you knew
I set aside my love for less

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