Incarnadine Songtext
von Nothingface

Incarnadine Songtext

Shut up
Stop talking
I got it all figured out this time
Don't worry
They'll never take us out alive

The endless trial
Convicting all
But it's us now
We got control

If you can't talk
Then I can't hear
And that's why we're locked in the dark
If I knew what you were from the start
Fighting would never be hard
Now we're drooling to tear you apart
Destroying all that you are

Let's start the big event
10 seconds of blind amusement
The public execution
So come on lets all feel the hate
I feel it, yeah
But I'm coming back for more
Excitement... Yeah!
Stop fucking the world to death
You need it... Yeah!
I'll kill us all right now
For this... Yeah!
Cannot stop the rage

I know the lie
A photographs a knife
A question
A path that leads nowhere

I search inside myself
To find a place, sometimes safe
And if I find that place
I can finally rest and stop asking about

The know
The how
The where
The reasons competing

The way
The why
The you
The why
The reasons believing

And I know the faith
The God
The waste
The lying it's breathing

And I know the face
The man
The hate
The anger it's seething

The parasite
Behind my eyes
Controls my mind
And feeds on time
So I'll hide inside
And wait until it's over

The nothingness is vicoden
It felt so good to find an end
Nothing lasts when I am
Drowning for this
Killing for this
I can't stop thinking
I can't stop thinking about

It's just fine
And we'll be alright
While we can find
Our way to the endless light, yeah!

And tonight it all turns black again
So you can hide inside your fucking mind
And cry because you're still alive

But it will never end
Don't hold your mother fucking breath
Embrace your lonely selfishness
Cause you will never know

The know
The how
The where
The reasons competing

The know the face
The man
The hate
The anger it's seething

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