Chasing Ghosts Songtext
von Nomy

Chasing Ghosts Songtext

Standing all alone
And no one has a clue
All she want to know
Is what to say and do

She standing in the hallway
When others are outside
She′s dreaming of a life
Where she don't have to hide

When darkness falls when she′s alone
Who can she tell It hurts like hell

When darkness falls she wants them back
To hold them close She's chasing ghosts

And she close her eyes
And in to the dark
Away from this life
Away from the light

She's falling away
And in to the dark
Away from this life
And in to the night

Walking all alone
Along the river side
Everyone she loved
Is hidden deep inside

The surface dances slowly
In the morning light
This is where they are
She′ll speak to them tonight

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