The Bunting and the Crown Songtext
von Nancy Kerr

The Bunting and the Crown Songtext

Great British tribes and traders all the sovereign state declares
Go back across your border wall and count remaining wares
For we did trade whilst kings were made, exalting in our union
But now is gentle autumn sent for respite and communion

So lay away your livery
Forsake and cut them down
The colours of our rivalry
The bunting and the crown

The great and strong we muse upon in legend and libation
The proud and fond who court beyond the boundaries of nations
Now history does welcome thee, take leave to be a lover
And [cleave?] the sea in unity with sister and with brother

Now china's maid does stitch and braid with torchlight in her eye
And babes from bow to bangalore from deprivation cry
See how our greed with mortal speed does build the poor a pyre
We might have forged the world anew in gold olympic fire

The white and black and the union jack may be to some a saviour
But dreams are laid in every shade, I pray to fortune's favour
If what we had did make us glad when we did race together
Let stories run in every tongue and love shall live forever

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