Let It Rain Songtext
von Nana

Let It Rain Songtext

Let it rain, let it rain, make my pain go away,
In my brain, let it rain, let it rain,
All this pain in my brain, oh, it drives me insane
In God's name all this pain is a shame

Wake up in the morning I got sleep in my eyes
I feel bad,
Nobody gives a damn about a black brother,
There's no other like my mother,
We speak everyday not in sense of words but pray,
Check it, ten years ago died of brain cancer,
And went to heaven,
1997 rollin' with the family Booya music,
My peeps y'all representing,
Runnin' everyday from the pain let it go away
It's drivin' me insane not to my dying day
High from the sky rain wash away my pain
And maintain
I can use my brain to play the game,
It's a shame, try to figure out who I blame
When a child is born mom and daddy need a change
Like a window needs a frame and the sugar to the cane
Like a baby has a name


2: 35 in the night, can't sleep, see me struggling,
Sheets in my bed full of sweat, got to keep hustling,
One and one is two and not three,
The pain will release 'cause in God I believe,
Yes, the only way in life to succeed is be blessed,
Free your mind from head to toe and get dressed,
Fresh express what you have in your chest unless
You want to put me to the test,
Chicken breast, to be or not to be
Is the big quest', Federal Republic of Germany
Of course the West,
Now you think that you know where we're coming from,
Wipe away your tears little sister pray to God,
One day rain will come by your way,
Don't ever lose hope, nature gives and takes,
No fuss, ashes to ashes and dust to dust

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