Do You Really Think You Know Me? Songtext
von Nana

Do You Really Think You Know Me? Songtext

do you really think you know me? (know me)
do you really think i care (i care)
do you really think you owe me (owe me, owe me)
do you really think that's fear (that's fear)

i: you think deep inside you learned a lot in your life
i am a man with masterplan blessed from jesus christ
praise the lord let's say amen
you don't even know the direction we are facing
run your mouth count on friends behind your back
the blood is the same but my color is black
first you thought i was a toy, played with me kicked my ass only for your joynow we talking i improve the clock ticks
ready to explode make use of my tactics, you try to stab talk behind my back pointing shitty fingers while my pockets got fat
sorry baby i had to move i had to move
this is where i stand i got the cheese and the blues
to make it clear once and for all my dear
i am too far away let me help have no fear

chorus x2:

ii: i had my first fight you were shitting in your pants
you learned to read and write and i was riding in my benz
you wanna do this you wanna do that
you wanna do everything that you think that is fat jack
please please i beg you on my knees, think before you act dont't rush take it ease you can't cope open your eyes and see, reach for the stars with no guarantee
(do you really think u know me?) if you don't know then act like you know
(do you really think i care?) it's all up to you friends are hard to find and rare
(do you really think u own me?) deutsch marks dollars or yen all currency
(do you really think it's fair?) i am too far away let me help have no fear
chorus x4:

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