Throw a Bomb Songtext
von Mustard Plug

Throw a Bomb Songtext

I had a bad day so I said to myself
I wanna have fun, gunna raise some hell
Gunna show this world my time has come
Gunna go and blow up everyone
So I went to the store and bought me some gas
Poured it into my old man's flask
Called all my friends to join along
And now...
I wanna throw a bomb
Gunna throw a bomb tonight

Second day was as bad as the first
I thought it'd get better, it only got worse
Had a flat tire, was late to work
Then I got fired cause me boss, he's a jerk!
So I called up my girl
she gave me the boot
I ain't got no money
or a bite of food
Can't take no more
Gunna blow up the town
Yeah I...
I wanna throw a bomb

Militia, Freemen, IRA
Feminists, Panthers, Radical gays
Zapitistas down by Mexico way
Right to lifers have your say
Shiites, contras, break away
Anarchist punks in the USA
Once you start you're here to stay
So come on everybody, Lets bomb today

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