It Takes More Songtext
von Ms. Dynamite

It Takes More Songtext

The shit that you promote fightin fuckin
Like you don't want to grow
You talkin so much sex
But u nah tell the youts bout aids
And u tell them bout consequence no
U talkin like you a G but ur a killer killin your own
Your jus a racist mans pussy
Tell me who wants to know
What when who where or how you do your hoe

(Pre chorus Version-1)
Certainly not me
Certainly not me
Cos baby personally i like to be challenged mentally
I've heard it all before gangstas pimps and whores
Quality is poor
A girl like me needs more

It takes more to amuse a girl like me
So much more to confuse a girl like me
They got you cos while your braggin bout your badness your jus
Avoidin addin to the real shit thays happenin to us

Now who gives a damn about the ice in your hand
If its not to complex
Tell me how many africans died for the bagguettes on your rolex?
So what your pushin a nice car
Dont you know theres no such thing as superstares
We leave this world alone
So who gives a fuck about the things you own

(Pre chorus-Version 2)
Certainly not me
Certainly not me
Cos baby personally i like to be challenged mentally
Your bullshits insignficant
And it dont hurt to pay my rent
Its pure negativity that you impose on me

(chorus x2)

Now i could sit and chat shit bout dicks and sex
But my business is my business i got self respect
I could talk bout how my press could pimp mans doe
Get the keys to his ride and his home
But i looked it up and that would make me a hoe
Little sisters now i really gotta let you know
Real women aint sexin for no mans doe
Real women work hard to make their own
And we can all chat bout gats and blacks on blacks
Enforce the hypes and all the stereotypes
But youts are watchin that aint what im here for
Show em to think higher and aspire to be more

(Chorus x2)

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