Letter From Egypt Songtext
von Morten Harket

Letter From Egypt Songtext

It's a pity to the start
What happens by itself
Hmmm mm but even hunger
We want reaching any longer

You're a fool to use force
When you walk to open doors
And see there's night perhaps it falls
Not for died on

All these stars that shine
Even if we both were blind
But something new is gonna come
We can live someday like if we're gone
We won't need much space
We don't need much space (then)

Let me walk you down the streets
Kicking leaves of my feet
That's not a sad for us to hear
But for the blind that are over there
It's allright baby it's ok
Everyone's - everyone is on that way
Have a look around you
Everybody knows it's getting late

Everybody's gonna be alright
Everybody's gonna be ok
Everyone is far
Everyone is far from home these days

I was walking down the streets last night
The streets were no longer mine
While I was heading for the park

My love what can I say
Tomorrow always will be a very special day

It's alright
Have a look around you

Everyone that me knows is so far from home these days

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