Day for Night Songtext
von Moloko

Day for Night Songtext

Into the night, I go day for night
I know what you talk about in your sleep
Wrap yourself around me
Not just a passer by, I'm gonna stay awhile

I like your peep show magnetized
I saw you in the window
I've been watching you
Don't know what else to do

Trust me, I'm sensitive, intensitive
I'll never let you go
No need to be afraid, release yourself to me
I got that heart-ache

Hubble, bubble, you know my trouble
I saw you on your own, no need to be alone
Let me levitate, relax, resonate, turn off the lights
Day for night

I saw your eyes on fire the desire won't release you
I go where you go to I have to follow you
So put your honey where your mouth is, look behind you
Relax and let me hypnotize, I'd like to touch, mmm

Standing in the shadows I've had my fill of it
Too close to the light just for the thrill of it
Hubble, buble, you know my trouble, turn out the lights
Day for night


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