Being Is Bewildering Songtext
von Moloko

Being Is Bewildering Songtext

Human being being human
Hands free nothing touches me
Trance me being cold unseen unknown
She's got to be so very happy
Be a praise to call into a cuing system listen
To the pretty music playing on your fragile system

She had a friend to call her own
But now she spends her time alone
What are the costs of growing rough
For me unfold to shut me off

Just being is bewildering

Disconnect me the line of mine
I'm calling waiting waiting on the other line

I'm at your leisure dear come get your pleasure here
I'm so glad to be so very happy
And if you need something
Anybody anything

Just being is bewildering
Call me dial L O V E
Just being is bewildering

I'll do as I'm pleased
I won't get down on bended knees

Kiss up make up don't you hang out
Stay in lay out don't see
Try to stay calm
How long do you hold on do you get to be

Just being is bewildering (x4)

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