Blind You to My Spell Songtext
von Moderator feat. Jeanette Robertson & Witness

Blind You to My Spell Songtext

Jeanette Robertson]
He got that picture of a face you could replace
He gonna leave you in this place
All the talking turns to spades and then fades
He gonna leave you in this place

When words were said so open you
Swear you felt it calling through his arms
All the lies that now broken
Fell so hard you felt it falling from your heart
Can you tell me why?

And sometimes I wanna meet you when the sun is past its curfew
So the hands can have the conversation and say more than words do
Crack that window, let the evening in
And let the freezing wind trace the place between the skin
Let′s feel that heat again, navigate that painted goddess
Got some exes on your map, I'll find the places they ain′t plotted
Let the neighbors gossip, let's forget the walls is thin
Move until the moon is gone at dawn and do it all again
Now can you keep a secret? Keep a secret?
Do you want it like I want it, do you need it like I need it?
Am I water on your beaches almost overtime you feverish?
There's a drum beneath the chest and
These fingers follow the sequence, so
Speak low when you speak love
We all gotta stand alone, no missing piece to complete us
Cause we just some broken kids
Trying to fight the loneliness
We never said "forever"
Once we learned "forever" don′t exist

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