Thimbleweed Songtext
von Moddi

Thimbleweed Songtext

We built this place with high hopes, blood on our hands
A giant on our shoulders and maps of unfound land
God would give his blessings in a language I don't speak
A blessing for the waking, the tired and the weak
A promise of a new day, born with every little seed
And gardens growing over with snow white baby thimbleweed

Then came the first eruptions and everybody was amazed
A triumph for the structure and all the memories it erased
But structures are forever and do not care about the mind
We hid behind our eyelids in fear of what we'd find
Now everyone was sleeping heavier than ever before
As broken vows and dead dreams washed upon a silver shore

I sat there by the window as the hours turned to years
And never gave up hoping there would be something for me here
Now everyone was waiting for a day that never came
And wherever the wind blew, the sky would stay the same

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