The Architect Songtext
von Moddi

The Architect Songtext

My god where have you gone?
I've been looking for you everywhere but find myself alone
Through woods and fields, churches and halls
But no one's there to hear my prayers or answer when I call
My god where have you gone?
You left without a warning and with so many things undone
A king shall come when morning dawns if history's repeating
And I'm not sure if I'm the one to keep this pulsing heat in my

My god what have I done?
I didn't choose to turn into this creature I've become
And I don't know this strength I've found
Although I have understood it'll do no good for kicking dust around
So hold me back if you still can
Before I'm pissing rivers, spatter storms, drawing valleys in the sand
Now my left is crying for intent while my right begs for a spin
Is this all just another test, this mess you've left me in?

I don't know where the light will fall
I only see myself as shadows and as paint upon the walls
If I could learn from your mistakes where your architecture grew with every error that you made
I'd only wish for a quiet night
To close my eyes and dream awake like a candle that's blown out
But I am all set now and want to let go
And with endless opportunities I am off to build my world alone

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