When the Stars Align Songtext
von Mithras

When the Stars Align Songtext

To where did you go, oh wanderer of the bleak unknown?
Under what suns did you dance and play
But when the stars align, you'll come back to me
I'll call you back to me

The spirits move in me, the galaxy converging
The music of the spheres will sway the hands of time

So long ago, twenty-six thousand years
I remember when you departed
The agony, the ecstasy, the entropy
I beheld clarity through strange windows

Your spirit moves in me, the spheres are in alignment
The stars answered my call, we are as one again

Here in my final jubilation let me tell you of my trials
The vistas I've seen, the places I've been, the things I've done
Now hear my lament

To where did you go when you died
For all that I was I gave to you
But you are gone and left me bare
Bereft I cannot reach the other side
My arts were thought so mighty yet humbled for
Who could know the mysteries of life itself?
But I resolved to breach the tower
Its arches knew no limit
Time could barely enter there
Its walls containing all the knowledge
The power to reverse and even cheat death
I longed for it yet the toll was heavy

My mind opened - I felt the pain all living things feel
What is the point in being alive - I'll know why we exist
When the stars align

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