The Statue on the Island Songtext
von Mithras

The Statue on the Island Songtext

Legends tell of a place abandoned
A distant island shunned by my race
There a once great city lies
Haunted by dreams from time yet to pass
There something fell to Earth
A sphere which came from beyond our skies
From it the traveller emerged
The knowledge she shared was to be her doom

Her statue stands alone as stone
Expectantly pointing into the sky
Since my specious ancestors
Dared to turn her gifts back on her
But the legends also say
She foretold she would return to life
When the planets and stars aligned
And her last words were spoken

I know the words, the curse
Discovered on aeon old tablets
Beneath the temple
Transcribed to devices
Lost to history
When the ancients fell

Where did they flee my forebears?
What did her curse do to those who remained - they are gone
Now I speak the words and free her
Will she give me her grace?

I speak the words

She wakes
Speak to me
Speak unto me
I have come here for I must know
The enigma given to our ancients
The races who knew the secret
To the entrance
The passage to other worlds
The gate between the stars
Pour into my ears the secret
Whisper to me the key

She speaks
The knowledge flows into me
Yet her gaze pours molten lead into my soul
Fixed solid, I cannot flee
She departs
Becoming a fading light flying up into the black of night
I realise my fate
Rooted to this spot I'll remain

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