I See Hope (In the Morning Light) Songtext
von Midge Ure

I See Hope (In the Morning Light) Songtext

Another long night, caresses round me
Shows no pity knows no shame
To share it's lifetime of endless moments
Till I can touch the light again
Everything changes, everything round us
Everything matters after all
Let something move me and I will follow
Not walking blind but walking tall
Where does it say that we must hide
Inside this cold divide where nothing good can grow
When has a life been black and white
Where it's only wrong or right, I never felt so low
Deliver me from my sad story
I see hope in the morning light
Come to me in love and glory
I see hope in the morning light
Bringing peace and understanding
I see hope in the morning light
Emotional and undemanding
I see hope in the morning light
This heat that's growing from deep inside me
Lighted by your burning flame
But through the darkness when sleep surrounds me
I'll wake up crying out your name
There are no reasons, no lame excuses
To lock up freedom and desire
With love the power you came right through me
And turned this ember to a fire

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