If You Asked Me Songtext
von Meaghan Smith

If You Asked Me Songtext

(Words and Music by Meaghan Smith)

Well I know that I should know better
Than to sit here by the phone waiting like a fool
And my mailbox never got those letters
That you promised would be coming my ways soon

Well it's a strange concept
With all the tears I've wept
That I would still accept
If you asked me

Well you show up when you want romancing
And I'm the perfect one to play the part
Well I might be in your arms dancing
But I'm not the only one inside your heart

I know you're not all mine
Cause I've seen your wandering eyes
Still I would not decline
If you asked me

Everybody sees that love has made me blind
And every body knows that I have lost my mind
And it may be true, my heart may be askew
This love may be a ruse,
I got everything to loose
But how could I refuse
If you asked me

Oh my love I can't repress
So boy I must confess
What I wish you would request
And I ain't gonna make you guess
So put me out of my distress
With or without you I'm a mess
And boy I would say

If you Asked Me

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