Clear the Path Songtext
von MC Yogi

Clear the Path Songtext

Victorious I smash obstacles into dust in my path
Raise up your torches
Gather all my forces
Reign in all the horses
Time to storm the fortress
Move into the forest
Mind is a sword and the mantra is a shield
Use my breath to carve a path moving through the battlefield
Got my mind on my mantra and my mantra on my mind
Travel deep into myself until I feel a spark

Clear the path
Make room for the king
Sound the horn and let the let bells ring
Let the flames sing grace to his name
Shake off the shackles and break the chains

Breath is the string
Body is the bow
Mind is the arrow
Point it back into the soul
Swallow your pride and you will become whole
Fears will subside when the head bows low
Let go
And become a hero
Cherish love, more wonderful than every zero
The halo shines bright when the mind is hollow
Take this crap, light a fire till it shines in your soul

Light a fire
See it grow rising up inside your soul
Burn to ash illusions of the past
See the bright shine of the atman

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