This Quiet Town Songtext
von Mark Ayling

This Quiet Town Songtext

the lights of the bars glow brightly in this quiet town
the regulars holding court, hostile, sharing jokes,
getting a few drinks down
in the corner the under-aged boys nurse their pints
search for change to buy one last beer
a trip real, or otherwise, to get them out of here

suzy stands shivering in the shadows
dreaming of big city lights and days gone by
the glitz and glamour of her old life, bustling clubs and hazy nights
all left behind when her boyfriend got drunk, turned her life upside down
now living with a local lad in a two-roomed cell
in the reality of coming home, of coming home

paul lives with his parents, has no job and sits watching the telly all day
he's never been bothered about moving on, it's just easier this way
he's always looking for trouble, never shies from a fight
coming home in a blood-soaked t-shirt
never a wound in sight

ian always wished that he had stepped out at least once
from his mechanic life
straight from school into the family business
passed down through three generations
now he sits holding half-pint in a pint glass as he can't stop shaking
always giving advice to the lads in the corner
he barks "the endless neatly ploughed fields and rows and rows of pylons
cannot hold you in, but can't compete with your attitude
and the small-town mentality you were brought up with"

night after night he sits
night after night he barks
night after night...

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