Stranger Songtext
von Mark Ayling

Stranger Songtext

all those years ago when i left these rolling hills
i never looked back as you thought i would
and you are still there just waiting for me to come home
you've wasted so much time, destined to die alone

as you walk by
don't take a second glance
i'm a perfect stranger
just passing through

i've burned every bridge behind me and i still do to this day
i just don't care, i'll find another way
and life's too short now to ever be looking back
with empty sentiments down miles of rusting, disused track

now as you walk by
don't take a second glance at me
i'm a perfect stranger
just passing through

i sometimes wonder if i have made the right choice
but all i can do is stand here
watching endless strangers pass by
and you are nowhere to be seen
so i turn my back and i quietly leave
there's no storybook ending
no prodigal son returns

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