Perfect Love Songtext
von Marc Cohn

Perfect Love Songtext

Down by the boathouse at Shaker Lake
When there wasn′t nothing but love to make,
They were two young lovers wishing on the stars above.

Well, they carved their initials in an old birch tree
With a heart and an arrow and a 'sixty-three.
You had to be blind not to see... It was a perfect love.

It was a perfect love. Ooh, yeah, yeah.
Well, they worked one summer together at the ′64 World's Fair.
They met Robert Kennedy there.
Well, that was... right before the fall.

They saved up a little money for his carreer
And they talked about the future, underneath the giant sphere
And all around them the little voices were singing:
It's a small world after all.
Yes it is, it′s a small world after all.

And it was... Perfect love.
It was a perfect love.
(Under the moon and the stars above, it was a perfect love)
They were dizzy from dancing on Rockaway Beach
They came to Rockaway

Yeah and everything they dreamed of was still within reach
Dreaming, Dreaming as the years roll by
Like they always do

Well, they had their share of hard times too
But whatever they were, they never let it get them down.
Now, they just go walking down a country lane
See the leaves are changing, in a misty rain

And only one thing remains the same, wo-oh.
Ooh, yeah, yeah.

Just a perfect love
(Under the moon and stars above it was a perfect love)
Ooh, yeah, yeah.

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