I'm So Alone Songtext
von Mad Caddies

I'm So Alone Songtext

I′m so alone
I don't have no home
So when you gonna bring your sweet love
On home to me

Red mary come from the ground
She take away everything
She make everybody feel high
She let me down

I said hoooooooooo nanana etc.

Well you can live your life inside of the bong
Where you feel that nothing′s wrong
And tell the ones you love they should stop giving
Maybe your life ain't worth living
So you got a lot of problems to work out, man
Let me tell you, i've read this book before
And in the end the good guys die
So get up, get up
Get out of you chair
Hold your head up high
And cut your hair
I know what your thinking but you just have to do it
Whatever makes you happy get right to it

So you think you′ve really got it made
Don′t you understand that there is much more at stake
How long do you think you can live like this?

Well there is only one thing left to do
Step back, reflect and think things through
Compare yourself to me, im just like you


Days come in on me
Like monsters of my drug abuse
And all I wanna do is hit the bong

Well im walking down the streets of life
I don't know where to go
Which way do i turn i don′t really know
Mass confusion fills my mind and everything hurts

Days come in on me
Like monsters of my drug abuse
And all i wanna do is have
Some fun

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