Wings Songtext
von Mac Miller

Wings Songtext


I got a bone to pick like roses (roses)
I ain't feelin' broken no more
Bought a fist that got spent, I notice
Talkin' shit, I wander through the motives
Wonder who the fuck I'm supposed to be
I ain't worried now 'til I leave
I'm just tryna ride, feel the breeze
With something bad beside next to me
Wind in my face, don't stop now
When it feels so great
You can run 'til you slip on the sidewalk
And the same bone that you picked on break, that's a motif
(That's a motif)
Yeah, when it's coming right back,
So familiar, never been realer
Never felt so damn good where I'm at
I don't know what it's all about,
Runnin' through the many thought that count
Still ain't adding up, let you know when I've had enough, yeah

I put some money on forever, but I (hey)
Don't like to gamble on the weather, so I, just, watch, well
The sun is shinin', I can look at the horizon
The walls keep getting wider
I just hope I never find 'em, I know

These are my wings, these are my wings, yeah
These are my wings, yeah, well

Movin' so fast, the clock look slow (slow)
Water my seeds 'til the flower just grow, yeah
Love so much that my heart get broke
I don't really know how the normal shit go, so
I guess I just play it by ear, silence is all that I hear
Listening close as I can, growing up (123) jump
Nobody holding my hand, no
Trust is a problem, never know how, yeah
That's why I just keep to myself
Get what I need, then I'll be out (please help me)
Who can the serve the universe with me
Lucifer is human and so are we
All I ever want is what I need
And that don't include your time and company
Follow me, we on the up and up
Remember when I owed a hundred bucks
Now, I look around like what the fuck?
If you don't fuck with me, you fucking up

I know I need to watch my temper, so I
Don't ever gamble on the weather
But I, just, watch, well, look
The sun is shinin', I can look at the horizon
The walls keep getting wider,
I just hope I never find 'em, no, no
Hey, well

These are my wings
These are my wings
These are my wings

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