Always You (track by track) Songtext
von Louis Tomlinson

Always You (track by track) Songtext

Ahm, this is an old one
I wrote this, again at least 2 years ago
I actually teased this out on my Instagram awhile ago, I think it was my Instagram
And ever since the fans has been excited to hear it
It was one of those things where, you know I had maybe 18 tracks to choose from, for the album
And that one, ah, was touching G.O.A.T to be honest

But I knew that the fans really wanted to hear it
And for reason even though they haven't heard it, they developed this connection with this song already

I think, I think because I tease the song out there
Eh, the fans, it just like had it, developed that connection with this song already
I mean it's was literally maybe 5 seconds, 10 seconds of this song
Ahm, which is incredible, you know and I think also because I teased it

That would be br–, that would be pretty for straight
It never to hear it
So again, it was a bit of a no brainier to putting in the record

Lyrically this song is a breakup song really
It's about you know, having just broke up with someone
Seeing all this eh, things and places and objects
Whatever it is that remind you of this person
Another one of this quite autobiographical lyrics for me
Eh, kinda talking about you know, being on the road of One Direction and visiting all this amazing places
But it doesn't quite feel the same without loved person

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