One Songtext

One Songtext

Welcome to the world where people ain't afraid to be jealous
Where it's like you're weird if you're ever acting overzealous
Inspiration finds the mind when I'm with the hanging fellas
Watching politicians speak but ain't sure of what they tell us
Talking the same shit just remixed like a capellas
Ask one to spell it but they stink so much that you can smell it
Dropping bombs like melons but camouflage the charade so they can sell it
Damn shit's a menace just like Dennis
I want my mind to be in that golden state when I meditate
Escape like Cinderella to be free like Mandela
Safe from the rain like an umbrella
Where sands are whiter than vanilla ice-cream
Where human beings have no need for cheese like mozzarella
I never ever let the weather man predict the weather
Coz I decide when the sun shines in my lifetime
At one with the stars in the night sky

Reshaping constellations with my fingertips
Careful when my finger slips, holding tight trying to get a grip
Of what it really is but losing consciousness like a sedative
They say life's a bitch but man it's all relative
Rappers ain't in tune now with the 5th element
Rhyming big words doesn't make you intelligent
It's bigger than that, it's got more to do with relevance
Speaking from the soul coz that's where the true essence is
Driven by my belly coz I'm hungry as hell like Makavelli
Flowing through my veins is where you'll find the evidence
Look into my eyes now where the real message is
They tried to weigh my heart but it defies all measurements
I figure its divine intervention being prevalent
So when I speak it's like an act of paying reverence
Them preachers can block you from what the true vision is
So I close my eyes to understand what religion is
Studying the world's lessons whenever I reminisce
Must time the strike right coz chances are hit and miss
I'm careful of temptation when I see her lick her lips
Coz those at the top fall the hardest like Icarus
Rhyming to the rhythm is the tool of a lyricist
So I speak till I can't breathe like a broke a rib
Now it's time to finish this, L-FRESH the name
Ain't a postman but just put my stamp on the game

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