Crystal Balling Songtext
von Jackie Onassis

Crystal Balling Songtext

They say these songs ain't the style no more
But when these kids go wild, man I ain't so sure

They told me live within your means kid
I don't know what that means man, I dream big
All day, I got these scenes where we light the night up like gasoline
Turning average into magic like a pocket full of beans
And it seems so simple
But when I turn the windows of my soul out the window
Point 'em at my kinfolk
Everywhere these people missed the point like an in-joke
And that first world limbo, got my man smoking Indo
So I apologise, ain't nothing for keeps within this modern life
Baby hate the mirror, get her pretty face all modified
And I wish that I could change it love
But ain't nobody plans this stuff

But it's gonna be alright, I'm crystal balling
Don't worry about that shit, we'll work it out in the morning
Get your last call in, we coming around
We doing it up man, we locking it down

And all the people say la-da-da-da

Product of my context, alleyways, longnecks
Six in the taxi, got the backseat like a concert
We pile out talking loud on some nonsense
With two shots for the ones with something heavy on their conscience
Lifestyles of the hip and aimless
Break-up tunes and debuts taking up the playlist
Rap songs from NY, parents say I'm Gen Y
Meaning I'm new school, hell yeah you dead right
But you can't clay pigeonhole me man, I'm shooting for the stars
Putting truth into these bars, making music from these scars
So you can't put it down to just painting the town
That's why we get high, to make sense of the ride
So when I show up, show up, I know they don't really get it
Saying grow up, grow up, man I already did it
So we writing this manual one day at time
We gonna have ourselves one hell of a ride

And all the people say la-da-da-da

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