Maybe Songtext
von Leo Sayer

Maybe Songtext


Although you think that I'm crazy
There's one thing that is true
I'll always love you

You'll come around
And then one day
You'll fall in love with me too
It's long overdue

You're always taking time
Being careful with your words
As if you really can't define
My place inside your world

If time
Could only stop
And let this moment be mine
You turn away when I say
We'll be together one day

I think of you
And I miss you
When you're away from my side
You're always on my mind

Oh won't you stay with me tonight
Don't say you should go home
We'll make love by candle-light
Let's make the most of this time
This time together

So maybe
It's not so pointless and crazy
If I treat you like lovers do
My dream will come true
You'll fall in love with me too

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