Devil in Disguise Songtext
von Kraze

Devil in Disguise Songtext

Savior of the promised land is what you tend to preach
Took a vow of sacrilege but suck it like a leech
The money and the gifts is all that fills your bowls
But what about your fellowship why don't you save their souls

You pick apart our music and tear it limb from limb
Why don't you listen to yourself your mouth is filled with sin
You scream you need our money you need to reach your goal
Your master he is waiting down inside his hole

How can you live – do you believe in what you say
Look at your lies – you should not walk the earth today
Think of the pain – the pain inside your troubled soul
Hide from the truth – the truth that we will soon all know

Listen to your gossip
Tell us all your lies
Wealthy Sunday warrior
The devil in disguise

Now the time has come at last for us to seek revenge
You've taken your last offering your standing on a ledge
Now your life is crumbling down a headline of the past
Speaking with a pitched forked tongue has done you in at last

How can you live!

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