Tuning In Tuning On Songtext
von Kim Wilde

Tuning In Tuning On Songtext

Cruising ′round, there's a sound with a place to go
Tuning in, tuning on like a radio
Feel the sound in your head and you set the seal
I believe it′s a force of the life you feel

Do you know what the sounds that you hear will find
Reach to space to the stars and another time
I believe that they search like a seed to grow
In the end, it's the same anyway you go

I really can't explain
I really can′t explain

Crashing out for the last and the final time
Could a sound and a soul travel on combined
From the womb to the end, is it everywhere?
Feel the beat of my heart and you know it′s there

I really can't explain

I really believe that sound reaches infinity
Do you know what I mean
I think it goes on and on forever
And if that′s true
And it was linked to the spiritual side of your lives, well
Then sounds could be alive (I really can't explain)
Can you imagine the possibilities for the future?
Linking the soul and the sound and then being able
To make a giant spiritual musical machine
Actually a part of us and not just something you hear
It′s fantastic, it's just fantastic

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