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Just Songtext

The custom prevailed for young men to practice music in order that this gentle art might alleviate the rigors of that inclement region

Can't be pussy in a dog fight
The law don't forgive what the lord might
Before it stops, pull off a shots 'til the score right
My boys in the tiers but they ain't ball, they all strike
Slow plays, no days, all night
When war rage, fours blaze on sight
Shot for the stars, I'm'a reach'em one day
Left for dead, start moving rocks like Easter Sunday
Trying to get fly, I'm'a slide, peep the runway
I keep it hands 'til that man's speaking gunplay
All goes awry when that reason is ceased
And all foes could die, I'm back squeezin' a piece
Instantly regret that step, weavin' the beast
Want that dough to grow, seed is the yeast
All my wrongs is big shit I gotta live wit
Was gun crazy, my one-eighty was a big flip
Be caged without her so the world is what my rib get
The gutter ending of a friend, I'm in the crib sick
Was there preparing to take lives
On account of from "never ran," this man made great strides
Where they fight with pipes, boxcutters, steak knives
The gritty boots, display city truth, I don't state lies
Was foul but never went to trial for a tribulation
Bang a rhyme, thank you for your time and consideration

Unfold my destiny
There's no one less than me
Behold my labor
There's no one greater
I plea to treat all just
To get what we need we did what we must

Trying to find a reason I'm still alive breathin'
I wanna heal my inner child, it's been a while grievin'
Ones dropped from cocked semis and clapped with the fours
Can't remember none of my members gone from natural cause
Never follied by who was bodied or who was spared
At first you know it's worse to show if you was scared
Quick to plague how victims beg, shooters swear
How crew's manage to do damage but few repaired
They say God give you nothing, nothing you can't handle
So I haven't spotted a product I can't scramble
Bag up a bottle, then they passed out his lotto
They breed timid and the speed limit gassed up the throttle
Coldest role model, if the masses want to follow
It's going better, I hope I never have to blast another hollow

Unfold my destiny
There's no one less than me
Behold my labor
There's no one greater
I plea to treat all just
To get what we need we did what we must

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