Trouble Is Songtext
von Justin Townes Earle

Trouble Is Songtext

Got a good job waitin' for me up in Chicago, yeah
I don't start in two weeks the day after tomorrow
Now I'm all packed up, ready to go
Only trouble is, ain't got no wheels to roll

My crazy next door lady always givin' me the evil eye
She says she don't like me but won't tell me why
Says she feels she need to watch me day 'n' night
Only trouble is, that bitch is right

Trouble in love, trouble in life
Trouble by day, trouble by night

Trouble is yours, trouble is mine
Trouble is truth, trouble can lie

So give me a new suit or red wing leather boots buffed to a high shine
New brim, and a Cadillac to drive
Get me all dressed up like a Saturday night
Only trouble is, same old shit inside

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