Some Tight Fix Songtext
von Jon McLaughlin

Some Tight Fix Songtext

Stepping out into a cold, hits my face
I feel the strange embrace of all the things that I don't know
All I wanted was some space to breath a little
To get out of the middle, the very center of my life
I'm in some tight fix again, everybody's closing in on me
I'm in some tight fix tonight and nothing seems to be going right
Monday morning you're my friend, we're talking about
How we can't figure out why we didn't talk the week before
Then that look gets on your face like where ya been
Running out of asprin, used it all the last time no I find that I'm in
If it's all the same to you I'd rather believe
They feel this way about me cause it's just the way it has to be
Packin' up my bags, leavin' town
Try and catch me if you can, I'll run away
I'll say anything to make you look like a fool
Who are you to say that I'm the one who always has a show to run
You know I'd be inclined a bit to hook it up with you but
I'll be alright and you'll be okay
You won't have to see my face and something will take my place
I'll write a song like I always do; all the things that I never did for you
I'm always pushing and I just can't move
You're clinging to my heart and you're going to leave a bruise but
I'll be alright and you'll be okay

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